With passion, enthusiasm and even some humor, Joseph Oubelkas tells lively about his life-changing experience after he was unjustly imprisoned in various Moroccan prisons. His audience learns a lot about questions like:

– How do I motivate myself when the world around me falls apart?

– What does it take to keep believing in my values when they’re threatened daily: “Who am I and where do I stand for?’

– How do I manage to build a team spirit for the people around me, and how do I inspire others?

People start entering into dialogue about leadership among others. Leading yourself and others. People start connecting Joseph’s story with their own challenges.

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Foreword “400 letters from my mother” by Stedman Graham:

“The relationship Joseph has with his mother is pure poetry. Beyond
the letters referenced in this literary work, I have witnessed it
personally. It is beautiful. And, with the love, will and perseverance
she bestowed upon and within him, he overcame the difficulties of
being incarcerated for crimes he did not commit. He is a remarkable
person because of her influence, and the influence he now bestows
on others.

As with Nelson Mandela, Joseph’s hero, he did not let his
circumstances stop him. Those circumstances did, however, change
him – to become even better. He states it best, “Life has many
barriers we must cross…. It is then that you must stand up and move on
and see past the darkest clouds to a heavenly blue, with flowers blooming
in all of their beauty.”

He is a man who has chosen to share his message and his fortitude.
He is a man who knows the power of forgiveness, and who
understands that managing his perspective and his thoughts are
paramount in living a good life. He is a man who decided to leave
a legacy of good and to pay forward his learning. He is a man that
acknowledges that he cannot change what is past, but who can
carve his future.

His ultimate choice is to pass on that knowledge to others. He offers
hope, strength, purpose and ultimately love to those who will read
this book, who will be intrigued and inspired by his message, and
who will decide to utilize determination to live a life according to
their will, not the will of others.

One of the biggest blessings in life is to know thy self. In life, we can
control who we are – our identity – and how we choose to show up
each day. Joseph has chosen well and I applaud him. Joseph’s future
is rich with promise and possibility. We are very fortunate to learn
from him and his experiences, and to have an example of not only
making the best of the conditions we face, but making the most of
them in the form of caring to impact each other.

Thank you, Joseph, for who you are, what you do, and all that I
know you will be.”

– Stedman Graham
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

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