Joseph Oubelkas was born in the Netherlands on the 10th of September, in a small village called Raamsdonksveer. It was an active village in the Province of Brabant. In his village he had a wonderful youth; a caring mother and father, many friends, and lovely girlfriend.
At the age of sixteen, he began studying Computer Science in the city of Breda, also in the Province of Brabant. Four years later, he graduated as one of Netherlands’ youngest IT engineers.
He wants to continue his studies by entering University, but in 200/2001 – when IT was “booming” – business life offers good opportunities. A few years later he starts his own IT company, which was a success from the beginning.
Study, work, love, everything in Joseph’s life was running perfectly. But then it all went wrong.
In December 2004, something happens that turns his comfortable life completely upside down. Something that apparently can happen to anyone.
It all started with a business trip to Morocco, which would prove to have unimaginable consequences…
and the books “400 letters from my mother”, and “Health, Love, Freedom” originated from.

“An absolute page turner! An impressive, beautiful, fervent and courageous story. Joseph Oubelkas is a life long freedom fighter!!”
– Nasrdin Dchar (actor, Gouden Kalf -Dutch Oscar- winner, film “Rabat”)

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