“My my, how I’m intrigued by ‘400 letters from my mother’. What a page turner! Very intense written story! I’m Deeply impressed
– Jan Peter Jansen (former chief editor at Men’s Health magazine – Dutch edition)

“Just ended up reading the book ‘400 letters from my mother’. I have a hero and I call him Joseph Oubelkas. Najib says: you should read this book!!!””
– Najib Amhali (famous Moroccan Dutch comedian and actor)

The book, “400 letters from my mother” and the second book, “Health, Love, Freedom”, received many wonderful comments and reviews on the internet. Like (more than 100 five-star reviews!)

“Speechless, disbelief, heartbreaking and heartwarming, inspirational, educational, relativistic and powerful! Definitely a must!”
– Aswintha Menk (through

“Joseph’s book is as which few are written. It takes you along and places you with both feet on the ground. A book you cannot put aside, and also stays in your mind, after finishing. A book you will read with laughter and tears, and whereby it is almost inevitable that you’re going to love Joseph and his mother a little. Dear Joseph, you’re a beautiful person with a very positive view on life, where many people could learn from. Thank you for sharing your experiences in the book. I’m grateful to be able to read it.”
– Jacqueline Vizee (through

“This book climbs my charts to number one in my list of favorites.”
– P.M. Brand (through

“Beautiful skies and panoramic views are never taken for granted. I could write a lot, but actually there is only one thing to say, “just buy and read this book and experience it, feel it.”
– Yvonne (through

“Every little time I had, I was sitting with the book in my lap again, and I’m not a reader at all. Only this book I just couldn’t put aside. I’ve read it a with laughter and tears.”
– Denise Molenaar (through

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The public is very divers and the lectures, that are always tailored to each client, could be called “performances” as well. The many client responding each time prove that it is truly memorable. Below you will find some examples.

“What an inspirational man Joseph Oubelkas is!! How you can bring a horrible story yet so positively! I’ve enjoyed it!!”
Jeremy Westerhuis

“@oubelkas lecture tonight was very fascinating. An inspiring guy! It won’t take long, before having his book finished.”- Robert Kuijvenhoven

“I have been at Oubelkas’ lecture! I am speechless!!! Connecting, laughing, energizing. Spread the word.”Annabella

“Back from an inspiring lecture by Joseph Oubelkas. An ongoing source of energy and charisma!”Loraine Samantha

“I have met a man who really touched my heart. What a beautiful man! And a good speaker @oubelkas”Mathijs Ummels

“It has been A_MA_ZING @oubelkas you radiate energy-radiation-power and self-confidence. Much respect! You’re my example.”Fahd Larhzaoui

“Goosebumps from lecture @oubelkas (author 400 letters from my mother). Super that mother also came on stage! #bid2012”
Bas Smit

Watch the following video (in Dutch) to get an impression of Joseph Oubelkas speaking to a 600-person Dutch audience, who gave him a standing ovation.

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