‘400 letters from my mother’

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Since the publication of his first book, Joseph Oubelkas provides lectures and presentations for government agencies, schools, universities and businesses at home and abroad. Because of this, he has been able to inspire and motivate over tens of thousands of people.

“I could write down a lot of words, but think that everything is said with a CHAPEAU for writing, perseverance, influence your surroundings, keeping hope and supporting people. Great job!” – Arjan Erkel (survivor and writer of the book “Kidnapped” – “Ontvoerd”)

400 letters from my mother has become a bestseller in the Netherlands and is the true story of Joseph Oubelkas (1980), who at the age of 24, without evidence or investigation, was sentenced to ten years in prison in Morocco.
Joseph was born and raised in a village called Raamsdonksveer in the Province of Brabant. At age of 20, he is one of the youngest IT engineers in the Netherlands, and later he starts his own IT company. Everything is running successfully. Until the end of 2004. Then his young life takes a bizarre turn.
Despite obvious errors in the verdict, and the conclusion of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that no evidence pointed to Joseph’s involvement, he was still unjustly imprisoned for years. Enduring a harsh life in various prisons, Joseph somehow persevered and built some special friendships along the way and is unconditionally supported by the 400 letters from his mother.

“My child, you leave a trail of courage, joy, innocence and goodness…”

“Just ended up reading the book “400 letters from my mother”.. I have a new hero, I call him Joseph Oubelkas. Najib says: read this book!!!”
– Najib Amhali (famous Moroccan Dutch comedian and actor)

In May 2014, three years after launching the bestseller, 400 letters from my mother, the second book, Health, Love, Freedom was published, a sequel in which Joseph Oubelkas describes the struggle with the free, but skeptical world. Despite all the changes, setbacks and uncertainties, he gradually tries to build a successful and happy life again.
In this true story, the themes health, love and freedom are highlightened as the author’s three pillars. Like his debut, this book contains touching letter fragments from his mother. This book will arrive later in English!

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